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natural selection

Natural Selection is a mystery that follows Dr. Dragan Sakic’s personal struggles as he joins a police investigation into a series of bizarre deaths.

When he agrees to have a child with his girlfriend, thoughts of his troubled childhood flood his mind and he does what he’s always done. He hides in his protective shell.

Then a cop full of hunches pressures him to look over the autopsy of Salt Lake City’s district attorney. When he does, he notices three substances camouflaged in the toxicological report—no more than remedies when taken separately—that mimic a heart attack when combined. As he gets pulled deeper into the investigation and learns more about the dead DA, Dragan comes to believe it wasn’t chance that brought him and the victim together. It was a buildup of countless imperceptible changes and, like evolution, inevitable.

In providing an ailing investigation much needed momentum by revealing more poisonings, Dragan unearths a new species of killers: one that uses tiered poisonings unseen before in ingenuity, one that goes to painstaking lengths to disguise murders as natural deaths. The ensuing investigation saps his spare time, leaving his relationship in shambles.


Though he doesn’t know it, the victims were part of a secret cabal with plans to do the unthinkable at the Utah-BYU football game. Fearing Dragan may lead the police to them, the surviving members send out their henchman to take care of him.

When the police find Dragan’s girlfriend near death in their home, evidence found there implicates him in the attack at the football game and the murders he’s been investigating. To avenge the woman he loves and clear his name, Dragan is forced to leave his protective shell to track down a radical group of killers and bring a cunning poisoner to justice.

The week that follows surfaces old scars and rips them wide open.

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